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Empowered by Grace to Tithe

Empowered by Grace to Tithe is a three-week stewardship emphasis.  In this dynamic, multi-pack resource, you receive the booklet "Tithing: An Unexpected Joy" with 12 reasons and three Bible Studies to encourage faithful tithing.  Also included are four different tri-fold brochures which work great as bulletin inserts or mail box stuffers, a banner, a "Coming Soon" flyer, and a CD packed with additional resources: four bulletin messages, three children’s messages, email-ready messages, two congregational letters, three sermon ideas, two newsletter articles, six youth stewardship messages, and more.

Sample of Week One Brochure


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Discussing Stewardship with Confirmands

Most churches offer confirmation classed during the school year from September through May.  This resource offers a stewardship theme for each of those nine months.  For each month, there are four stewardship messages.  This program will help your youth understand that God wants to use them as His hands, feet, and mouth to love, serve, and witness to others.  As your confirmands begin to think and act as faithful stewards, they will develop habits and attitudes that will carry into their adult lives.

Sample Discussion Guide for September

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Financial Counsel from God's Word

Financial Counsel from God's Word is a three-week financial education program that helps people manage their money faithfully and responsibly in ways that give God honor and glory.  The program includes 14 daily readings and three Bible studies, a trifold brochure, and a CD with an answer guide for Bible study, four bulletin messages and inserts, three children's messages, three lay reader talks, a newsletter article, PowerPoint for each Bible study, three sermons, worship helps, and more.

Sample Daily Reading

Sample of Week One Bulletin Insert

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More Stewardship Advisors Resources

•  12 Months of Congregational Stewardship - Within this three-ring stewardship binder, there are 17 tabs, one for each month of the year and five specialized tabs over 200 pages of ready-to-use material including: newsletter articles, bulletin inserts, lay reader presentations, devotions, financial advice for stewards, seasonal letters, sermons, Bible studies, youth handouts, Stewardship Committee resources. A CD is included.

•  Ten for Ten - Ten percent for Ten Weeks - A three-week Stewardship Program - Within this three-ring stewardship binder, there are 91 pages that will help your members grow in the grace of giving, including: sermons, lay reader talks, commitment form, Bible studies, bulletin inserts, newsletter articles, Children’s messages. A CD is included.

•  Under New Management - A low-key mini stewardship program based on Romans 7:1-14.  Includes sermon outline, lay reader talk, worship helps, and bulletin messages.  A trifold brochure and banners are available for purchase. 

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