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What is Faith Aflame?

Faith Aflame is an intentional, whole life, year round stewardship process designed to change the stewardship culture of the congregation.  Christian stewardship is vital to the life of every congregation and every individual member.  As such it needs to be enlarged (seen as an all of life issue rather than a financial issue) and elevated (seen as a spiritual issue rather than just an institutional issue).  This change is ultimately necessary so the child of God can live in the freedom God intends: free to live forgiven in Christ, free to live as His disciple, free to manage everything with joy and generosity—all so His purposes are accomplished and His mission enhanced.

At the heart of Faith Aflame are the following five components of intentional, year-round stewardship education:

     •  Living with God’s Word (Biblical Basics)

     •  Living as God’s Child (Getting Personal)

     •  Living as God’s Family (Focusing on the Congregation)

     •  Living as God’s Leader (Leading in life and in God’s

     •  Living as God’s Servant (Serving God and our

The process:

     •  A three-hour introductory workshop is conducted for
        each component.

     •  The congregation commits to the year-long process.

     •  The stewardship culture is assessed and plans are made
         for change

     •  A Stewardship Learning Community is initiated.

 Faith Aflame website

Other resources available through Faith Aflame:

     •  Stewardship Bible Studies

     •  30 Days of Stewardship Devotions

     •  Sermons on the Biblical Stewardship Principles

     •  The monthly e-newlsetter, StewardCAST

     •  Monthly church newsletter article

Faith Aflame Resources  

Faith Aflame Story 

Faith Lutheran Church in Springfield, Missouri, started the Faith Aflame process in 2006 and continues to build on the experience.

"Stewardship has become a natural part of each worship service.   People are growing in their understanding of Stewardship.  The attitude toward Stewardship has changed.  We believe we are beginning to see a change in Stewardship culture.  That attitude is seen in greater giving in all areas:  time, talents, and treasure.  We now enjoy the blessings of new faces involved in leadership, boards, committees, and a myriad of outreach and fund raising events.    Hands to renovate and maintain facilities have grown significantly.   Whatever the need, people are stepping forward.  Financial contributions to missions, assisting the needy, assisting our seminary students, general fund, and many other areas is seeing support like never before.  More families and individuals now tithe.   We have learned that all we have been blessed with belongs to God!  We continually communicate that message to ourselves and those who worship at Faith.  We are still a work of God in progress, but we are sharing the responsibility of our church’s ministry and are open to change."