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 . . . a stewardship emphasis from LCEF that:

     ·   Is founded on our Lutheran understanding of biblical
        stewardship principles.

     ·   Helps awaken in Christians the Spirit-let desire to make a
        free and joyous response to the grace of God in Jesus

     ·   Is easy to organize and implement.

     ·   Can be used any time of the year.

     ·   Uses a trained “Guest Leader” to train, motivate and
        assist congregation leaders in maximizing results.

     ·   Typically results in a 15% - 35% increase in annual
        offering commitments.

Features include:

    ·   Solid Lutheran Bible study materials

    ·   Sermon outlines

    ·   Guidance for stewardship witness talks

    ·   A process to celebrate congregation ministries

    ·   Publicity and communication aids

    ·   An optional workshop for leaders

    ·   LCEF trained and certified Guest Leader 

Jeff Maltz is the District Coordinator for Consecrated Stewards. You can contact Jeff at 785-357-4441 ext. 118 or jeffrey.maltz@lcef.org. The Kansas District has eight trained Consecrated Stewards Guest Leaders.

Do you have a heart for stewardship?  If so, we are looking for additional guest leaders to serve Kansas District congregations. Training will be provided!  Contact Jeff Maltz, Kansas District LCEF Vice President, at 785-357-4441 ext. 118 or jeffrey.maltz@lcef.org.  

Need More Information?

    ·   Explanation of Consecrated Stewards Process - pdf

    ·   LCEF Consecrated Stewards Brochure - pdf

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